Mitsubishi Electric has a full line of ENERGY STAR® rated systems to meet every home cooling and heating need. The Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner is one of the most versatile units to add to your existing rooms or new additions to your home. So if you’re finishing out an attic space, garage or adding a mother-in-law suite, this is the perfect solution. With the remote control you’re able to adjust the unit to your desired temperature with the click of a button.

Adding a new living area can be a challenge to your existing heating and cooling system. A Mitsubishi Electric Mini Split can not only balance out the difference of heating and cooling that new space, but it allows for localized comfort without a change to the whole home.

The Mitsubishi Electric Mini Split uses eco-comfort technology, which makes these heat pump units very efficient with a minimal environmental footprint. With the multistage filtration system this unit also benefits your internal home environment to greatly reduce the allergy causing dust and pollen.

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Spilt system is a breakthrough in pure comfort for your home with minimal impact on your pocket book.

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We Also Offer Mitsubishi Electric Ductless – Commercial Product Line