Service Agreements

We know repairs can be expensive so we offer Service Agreements to help cut your costs. The very best protection of your heating and cooling systems is yearly, preventative service. Precise adjustment and comprehensive cleaning of heating and air conditioning equipment, provided in two separate visits during the year, ensure safe operation, optimum efficiency, and healthier indoor air quality. The majority of repairs are eliminated. Operational life of HVAC systems is significantly extended, and energy bills are kept low. It's like Health Insurance for your Heating & Cooling Equipment

Your coverage includes:

  • Free annual tune-ups and inspections
  • Free parts and labor to replace or repair just about every part of your heating system
  • Free priority service
  • Maintaining Warranty Specifications

Our Guarantee

With every Mitsubishi Mini Split unit that we install, we will make every effort to insure your complete satisfaction. To insure that this is the case we will do the following:

  • Insure the correct sized unit for your home with an approved load calculation will be done on your home.
  • Confirm the performance of your unit is performing at 90% or greater of the manufactures specifications by using a Total Performance calculation, NCI calculation with about 92% as maximum efficiency.

After one year – if for any reason – you are not satisfied we will remove the system and give your money back.